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Africa’s New Plight, Children’s Body Parts For Sale

Africa’s New Plight, Children’s Body Parts For Sale

Jn the latest of many such incidents ten Africa boys, kidnapped in Tanzania bodies have been found, their body parts were taken out and sold on the black market for cash.

Africa, which is already going through problems with attacks on Africans with albinism, the people are attacked due to others thinking those afflicted with this are suffering a curse, so random attacks, and murders are very common.

At this point it seems that Tanzania is the worst affected by these senseless crimes, the Africans with Albinism are attacked due the believe that even though it is felt they are personally cursed, their body parts due to albinism are somehow endowed with some type of special powers, thus many after killed have their bodies harvested for organs and body parts.

Tanzania’s deputy health minister Faustine Nduguille

Tanzania’s deputy health minister Faustine Nduguille stated that all 10 children had been missing since December in southwest Tanzania’s Njombe district, CNN reported.

The bodies of the children were found last week after police mounted a search operation in the area.

“So far, we have found 10 bodies, and most of their private parts and teeth had been removed,” Nduguille said.

“These murders are linked to witchcraft practices because that is the trend for such crimes, where herbalists ask people to get these human parts for money rituals,” he further stated.

The children, some of who are as young as seven years old, had been kidnapped from their homes in December, last year.

Many parents had filed missing reports since then, Nduguille said, adding that the health ministry was investigating the killings.

“We want to identify the perpetrators, but our focus is to educate the traditional practitioners in the area quickly and those in surrounding communities on the need to stop these acts,” he said.

Sadly the community affected with albinism is already at risk for much higher rates of skin cancer, This has turned into the silent killer for the whole population, most do not live past the age of 40 before succumbing to the ravages of Melanoma or some other skin cancer.

We have seen this practice from not only attacking Albino children, now all children are at risk for harvesting body parts for witch doctors in Tanzania, and this seems to be spreading through East Africa. This is something too horrible to contemplate, and something the world would do good to take a look at as something that needs stopping.

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