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Another Civil War Brewing

Another Civil War Brewing grew up learning of the most costly war the US has ever experienced, the civil war with almost as many deaths as all the other wars the US has been involved with combined. But are we headed towards another split with brother set against brother as it was last time, and what are the differences that are causing this?

A nation may split like a divorce, due to irreconcilable differences, in many cases while the two sides may walk away with hard feelings, these are able to heal up with time. We see this with nations as well, England is a great example; if you look at the historical view of America from the revolutionary war to even after the civil war, our feelings for Great Britain was nothing like it is now, the US had even war-gamed prior to WW1 going to war with the British Empire. It was the second world war, the unity of goals and later the shared blood that was shed that tied our nations together in a way they are now.

But this is not what we are facing, we don’t have two sides of this equation that are able to agree to disagree, to allow the other to live as they wish, we instead more have a group of people that are willing to intimidate, use force, go the points of threats of violence and even using it to try to intimidate the other side to shut down what they are saying or supporting.

This does go one with both sides, and that has to be noted to be fair, but the amount of this you see from the far right is very small, this is not the case of this coming from liberals, and the mainstream press is pushing this issue, in fact if it comes to a civil war, we would be right to hold these people doing this as accountable for the mess we are seeing now.

While there are groups like White Nationalist, White Supremicist, KKK members, if you look at all the data, they say at most these people number less then 15,000, of course, that is not the way the press paints this, you would think that every GOP member is part of these groups, which could not be further from the truth, but it does aid the narrative they are trying to present.

Much of this comes from how the left labels far-right extremist. A great example is the Family Research Council, a far-left activist group that masquerades as a social justice group, but in reality is nothing but a far left radical group who claims anyone that believes in Christian or Jewish teachings, and worse, follows them are a domestic terrorist.

Churches or groups that have stood for traditional marriage, they have been listed as hate groups. This has caused violence to follow, the attack on the  Family Research Council, the shooter came out and said he was inspired by this group to attack them. Sadly, this is not the only group that SPLC has done this to, they have also labeled Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Liberty Counsel,  American Family Association, putting them all in the same field as the KKK and the Neo-Nazis.

What is surprising is groups that have caused violence, inspired much around the US like Black Lives Matter, Antifa are for some odd reason missing, but then they are liberal in thinking, so guess to SPLC that justifies their actions. This is another group that has flamed what is turning out to be a fire of sedition; if a civil war comes, they also should be held responsible.

What is worse, now organizations like Google are using groups like SPLC as their source to figure out what is a hate group or not, makes as much sense to me as putting Hitler or Mao on a panel to figure out where human right violations are being committed, no wait, that is already being done in the UN with the likes of Afghanistan, Angola, Ethiopia, Iraq, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela sitting on their counsel. Having the SPLC decide who is showing hate makes as much sense as hiring in Jeffry Dahlmer to come in and give speeches about gay rights, sure know I would not eat that meal before the speech.

As we start to travel down this road, and it will get worse, you see now the like of MSNBC telling everyone that all Trump supporters are hateful, they share the racism that Trump has (not that he has any, but it suits their narrative.

Jones is a great example of this, he comes on and shuts down someone for saying that the KKK was a Democratic group, and it was, but he refuses to allow this to be said. The left presents a narrative, then pushes this and acts like anything said, and there are times where Trump has said something, said he misspoke, they refuse to accept this.

If a church or a synagogue comes out and says the holy writings state that homosexuality is a sin, even if they say this should only apply to its own members, it is the right of people to live as their wish, we are a free society, they are still labeled and listed as a hate group. The sad thing is they then lump them together with actual religious hate groups like Westboro Baptist Church, and there is no similarity between the two.

They also do the same thing with any anti-abortion group, but not just the ones that have dipped into terror, something I would never support, but any group that teaches that abortion is murder.

As we watch this wonderful nation of ours go down this path we see the left growing in hysteria as they see Trump undoing what Obama put in place, they openly attack him saying he is undoing every gain Obama made, it is driving them nuts.

Further, you have our campuses today filling our children’s heads with this leftist garbage, they now openly call anyone who dares to disagree with their liberal ideology Fascist or Nazi’s, the implications of this is terrifying, by labeling someone as such, you then justify yourself and others to be excused for attacking them, for what else would one do to a Nazi?

But there is another view, one that I find refreshing; when you hear what is going on, then listen to the students, you may find what we are being told, and what is real, they may be two different things. Sadly the woman above seems to be winning right now.

We have seen the press in the forefront leading this nation to a split, claiming all Trump supporters are Fascist, White Supremacist, these radicals on the left are being stirred up to take up arms to what they see as an injustice.

I expect if the left finds the next election turns out to be a red wave, they are going to whip themselves up to a frenzy, you will find more radical elements coming forward. See them justify killings in the name of saving this nation, but it will get worse.

Come 2020, if they lose the election for the White House, what is worse for them, if Trump keeps this economy up, you will hear calls from portions of both the East and West Coast to call for succession from the US, claiming there is no way they can live with what the rest of Americans are willing to live with, but it will go further.

When this is in the process, some will feel it is their right to save us from our misled thinking, they will justify this as means for their attacks, but what they will find will come after will quickly convince them this is not a game.

Like myself many in the nation served in the military, love this nation every bit as much as I do, we took an oath upon entering if you were enlisted you said this as you joined the military:

I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

When I left the military, nor when I took this oath did anyone ever tell me, or anyone else for that matter that there was an expiration date on this oath, so I still take it very seriously to this day, will until I take my last breath.

Many that served this nation, who fought and watched their brothers and sisters in arms bleed for this nation will say this is enough, they aren’t going to allow such a thing, everyone has a right to believe as they please, you do not have the right to force this on others or demand they conform to how you believe.

I love this nation, made a oath to it that I hold in my heart to this day, while I would never like to see me lift up arms in anger to protect this nation from people who are fellow citizens, I will also never allow another people to dictate to the majority how we should act, believe or whom we support. If they think they are going to take up arms, they will find that giving a speech or attacking unarmed people with bats is a whole different thing then when you attack a people determined to defend themselves.

Most adults find when there are differences of opinions, they can live together and learn to agree to disagree, this is what we have experience in the life of this nation other than during the civil war. While the reasons for differences are different than in the civil war, the opinions, feeling there is no way to reconcile without force is growing quickly to the same volume we had back then.

Like in the civil war there were leaders that drove the South to believe the only way to deal with things was by force, sadly we this today with the press leading the charge, the Democratic leadership in Congress and the Senate along with the likes of Waters and others are driving this nation to a collision, and they have no intention of stopping it, more so if they feel they can get what they want. While I have no problem with differences of opinion, what Waters, Pelosi, and others in the DNC are doing is not voicing a difference of opinion, they are openly moving to sedition.

It is time to open our eyes, sadly I at this time see that the chances of this happening are greater than it not, something that will set this nation back years as sides move towards conflict, the enemies of what we stand for pushing for what they wish, the ruination of this republic. The good news has we had something like this once, it was bloody and ugly, but in the end, we rose out of it more powerful than ever before, we can do the same again.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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