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Why AOC & The Left Is Rushing Impeachment

Why AOC & The Left Is Rushing Impeachment

One would think with the impeachment ongoing, the left would want to take their time, not rush things, and make sure the American people see the need for impeachment and to get all Americans behind such an effort, but that is not the case. The left is not hiding their reason any longer, the reason they are rushing this is to push an impeachment through before the primary season to deny Trump any chance of running in 2020.

We have seen since Trump has been elected, not a willingness to work with him, instead, the Democrats have gone from case to case, unwilling to stop; they are not looking for the conviction of a crime, they are investigating to find a crime, then go for conviction. This is not how the law works, a person has to be found reasonably guilty of a crime, then you search for evidence to support this suspicion, not dig to find a crime, that is a violation of civil rights.

The openness of this is startling, AOC admitted this in an interview:

We see the real intent and the reason for the rush, in AOC’s own words, “We have to move quite quickly because we are talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 election.” And what is that potential compromise? That Trump will run and win against the current crop of Democratic candidates.

“We have to move quite quickly because we are talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 election.” And what is that potential compromise? That Trump will run and win against the current crop of Democratic candidates.

The left is determined to use a scorched earth policy to rid themselves of Trump. The constitution is a road bump and due process has to be thrown out the door, as Pelosi stated, “The president has to provide proof of his innocence!” The promise of innocent until proven guilty is thrown out the window. Trump is guilty of everything they say and he has to provide evidence of his innocence, not they of his guilt.

The sad truth is, they don’t even know at this point what they are going to charge Trump with. This was exposed this weekend by AG Barr, that he dared to express what the left and the resistance is doing was unforgivable, the opposition is now howling over him as well.

AG Barr Exposes The Resistance

AG Barr spoke on this, the history of why the three branches were set up to share power, not take control of the other two. The left found this so insulting that they now are howling for impeachment as they voice their outrage.

The problem came about when AG Barr said that rather than see themselves as the opposition to the party in power, the Democrats instead see themselves as at war with the president, to move to prevent him from building a workable government. He spoke concerning the Senate Minority, how the Democrats are forcing the Senate to invoke cloture, due to the filibusters of the Democrats in the Senate, their moves to prevent Trump from accomplishing anything.

In spite of the need to confirm, the Senate Minority is not just trying to be the voice of the opposition; the Democrats have worked to filibuster any appointment that Trump has sent to the Senate. The Senate under Obama had to issue cloture just 17 times in 8 years, but under Trump, we have seen this increased to the point of abuse. Under H.W. Bush only 4 times in his first term, yet with Trump, the Senate had to invoke this 246 times due to Schumer and the Senate Democrats fighting every appointment by filibuster that Trump has sent to them.

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What caused the outrage was when Barr said both the Judicial and Legislative branches have moved to try to take power from the President, this was unforgivable, not only to the Left but to never Trumper’s as well. Richard Painter, the former chief White House ethics attorney in the George W. Bush administration, tweeted that Barr’s remarks Friday before the conservative Federalist Society were “another lunatic authoritarian speech” amid an impeachment investigation into the President. He then went on to attack Barrs faith, which I am not sure how this fits into this debate.

Barr’s speech to the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization that has been instrumental in reshaping the courts, attacked Democrats for declaring a “war of resistance” against Trump. He claimed “scorched earth, no-holds-barred” challenges to the president’s power amount to the left’s “systematic shredding of [constitutional] norms and undermining the rule of law.”

AG Barr here exposed the left for what they were doing, challenged the work by the left to reshape the courts to a more activist branch of government and to implement their will by issuing holds on everything the President does.

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