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Biden’s Camp Attacks CBS Reporter For Report Of Unmasking Without Their Direction

Biden’s Camp Attacks CBS Reporter For Report Of Unmasking Without Their Direction

Biden blindsided by exposure to Flynn‘s unmasking involvement, thus exposing his lie that he was never knowledgeable or involved in any unmasking. Biden’s camp attacks press that should be covering for him, not disclosing his wrongful deeds.

In what should be deeply troubling, we now see that the liberal press is so deep in the DNC pocket that their reporters come under attack for daring to release breaking news story of Biden’s involvement in the unmasking of Flynn without seeking their direction and permission first.

On Wednesday, CBS News’s senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge made public a memo from acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. The memo, which was declassified earlier this week and sent to members of the United States Senate, included a list of Obama administration officials who requested the names of American citizens picked up in national security surveillance between the end of the 2016 general election and when President Donald Trump took office in January 2017.

The list is central to Flynn’s recent legal troubles. The former NSA adviser held several private phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the days after the 2016 election, before Trump took office. Many of the calls were picked up by U.S. intelligence, resulting in Flynn’s name being leaked illegally to the media. Flynn was later prosecuted for lying to federal law enforcement about the calls with Kislyak. Still, the Department has since dropped the case, even though the Judge is trying to push this forward outside of what the prosecution is demanding.

Herridge’s making public the memo, including Biden’s name, drew the ire of Andrew Bates, the former vice president’s rapid response director, on Wednesday. After issuing an official statement on the “unmasking list,” Bates took to social media to personally lambast Herridge, suggesting she was politically compromised as a reporter for once having worked at Fox News.

“Catherine Herridge is a partisan, right wing hack who is a regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys because she agrees to publicize things before contacting the target to ask for comment,” Bates said in a now-deleted tweet responding to Herridge’s announcement of the memo.

Catherine Herridge, who is anything but a conservative, was attacked right away, accused of being a right-wing hack. In other words, do as we demand, or you can’t be anything but a conservative, “How dare you not follow our narrative!”

Other reporters and Biden officials were offended that she did not contact the Biden camp to see how to twist this release first:

One has to ask, “Have they ever done this with the Trump camp?” I think we all know the answer to this.

What is more, the surprise is with Jake Tapper, instead of attacking Catherine Herridge for daring to release something that exposed Biden, he jumped to her defense, questioned calling out a reporter for daring to do what they are paid to do, report on current events.

Just last month, Biden said, “A free press is essential to a free society. Tyrants know this all too well. That is why attacking the press and attempting to intimidate independent media is a standard part of the authoritarian playbook.”

It seems he and his camp were only speaking empty words.

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