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California Mayor Forced To Resign After Comparing Trump Supporters to the KKK

California Mayor Forced To Resign After Comparing Trump Supporters to the KKK

Auburn mayor William Kirby’s, who has attacked both Trump and anyone that dares to support him, came out last week and attacked all Trump supporters, comparing us to the KKK. This was met with furious backlash, thus forcing him to resign.

In what now is hardly surprising, the demented left is at it again, but finally, we see push-back towards their slanderous attacks.

In the latest, we had the mayor of Auburn attack Trump supporters, saying that it was not a problem for them to get masks, they already had them, then posted a picture of a KKK member.

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To say this did not go over well, more so with a sizable Trump base in the city is an understatement. At first, to defend his post he claimed he thought this was private, he then went on to say,
“Some people have viewed my posts, which were meant to be private and made out of frustration, as over the top. Some were, and I regret that… The president has put us all at risk. I believe history will judge those who stood up against damning policies and ideologies and did not.”

What I find most amazing about this, rather than at first admit he was over-reacting, he then blamed the virus on Trump, proceeded to say he was acting out of a nobler stance, he was standing against Trump’s policies. I must ask, “What policies? Was it when he locked down this nation? Or maybe it is that you have such hatred, like much of the left, you lose all rational thought and go insane at that thought of Trump?”

After the uproar, in a town meeting, the mayor, who has been a very vocal opponent of Trump, tried to act contrite and apologetic as he spoke to the people of the city.

“I spent 40 years dedicating my life to serving the community of Auburn as a physician and through my volunteer efforts. Am I perfect? No. We’re all a little flawed,” Kirby said, admitted to the council that some of his recent posts were misguided.

Kirby blamed Trump for his frustration, explaining that as a doctor, he now puts his life on the line because of a lack of proper gear and testing capabilities.

Fox News reported:

This president has put us all at risk,” Kirby said.

The council also heard voicemails about Kirby left by city residents and fellow council members, FOX 40 reported.

“These comments are hateful, degrading, bigoted, and more consistent with the mentality of a 15-year-old,” one voicemail said.

While I strongly support a difference of opinions, these slanderous attacks need to stop. These attacks by the left have gone to the point that they have so divided this nation we are rapidly approaching a point where there may be no turning back, either this great nation of ours splits apart, or we reunite it by blood.

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