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Can We Stop Pretending and Admit That We Are In A Civil War?

Can We Stop Pretending and Admit That We Are In A Civil War?

At this point, it has been hard to miss the Liberal outrage over Trump’s tweet of concern for mass cheating with the election coming up, the call to postpone the vote until it can be done correctly. The Democrats screamed in outrage, sadly some of the Republicans did as well. This had nothing to do with a desire to deal with the election, that will work out as it will, it was Trump doing what he does best, put something out to outrage the left, so they ignore the real news, the shrinking of our economy caused by the COVID-19 shutdown.

I understand Trump’s concern of the mail-in ballots, we all know the left no intent on leaving this election to chance, they will do anything to ensure Trump does not win again.

But this is deeper then this, this is an all-out war by the left to seize what they feel was stolen from them in 2016, and to take back what they think was stolen they are willing to do anything, sacrifice anyone so that they can once more control the destiny of this nation.

As was stated by Michael Thau of Red State, the left has jumped from one seditious plot to another; he lists this:

They tried to frame Trump as part of their phony Russian plot.

They used the FBI to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign.

They gave Robert Mueller power and an unlimited budget to destroy Trump and as many of his allies as possible.

They organized and promoted Christine Blasey Ford’s perjurous hoax.

They tried to remove Trump from office for his patently reasonable attempt to get Ukrainian authorities to investigate Joe Biden’s obvious corruption.

They’ve caused an economic catastrophe that could very well wind up being worse than the Great Depression, gaslit the entire nation into months of debilitating fear and panic, and caused the deaths of countless Americans by lying and withholding information about a virus that all the data literally says is less harmful than the flu.

They’ve fomented riots across the nation and caused the murder of American police officers and ordinary citizens alike by promoting the poisonous false narrative that American cops start their day fervently hoping they’ll get a chance to kill someone who isn’t white.

But it is even more profound then this, as the Democrats were willing to sacrifice this nation when Lincoln was elected, they are eager to do the same if Trump dares to win the election again.

We have been told, if Biden is not elected then Black Lives Matter activist will burn the cities to the ground, Antifa, not willing to see their Domestic Terrorist partner gather all the glory is only far too happy to jump in and destroy this nation so many gave blood, sweat, and tears to build, they see all this nation stands for as evil, either they get to destroy and reshape it from legal means, an election, or as they have stated so clearly, they will do it by force.

What the Democrats are doing is the same thing they did with the Lincoln/Douglas election, they are allowing the process to go forward. Still, they are also telling us if it does not turn out the way they demand, they would rather tear this nation apart, break it up, this is preferable to having to deal with another four years of Trump.

The disdain the left has for people who don’t support their cause is the same level before the shooting part of the civil war, where the South hated the North strongly enough to take up arms and proceed with the bloodiest war this nation has ever known.

In that war, there were 22 million in the North and 9 million in the South, when the war was done; there were 618,222 men dead, 360,222 from the North and 258,000 from the South far the highest toll of any war in American history. To give perspective, this translates into 9,200,000 dead if you fought with the same losses with today’s population numbers.

None of this matters; we have had liberals say if they win, they will put Trump supporters into camps if they lose cities will be burned to the ground. 

We have seen people go up and wish toddlers and little children dead if they don’t abide by their demands to wear masks, another shot at a mother and son for daring to not social distance. Others think they have a right to scream at you in public, even if you are in your car without a mask.

The left is demonizing conservatives, attacking churches, shutting down and taking everything away that makes us what we are. California says people in the church can’t sing, that was soon seen as not going far enough, now they have outlawed going to church. They wrap this up as being done for the good of the people, but is it? If you want to go to church, and social distancing is followed, why is there a problem? These same people condemning this sure have no problem with people standing shoulder to shoulder marching in a Black Lives Protest.

You have stabbings, protesters attacking police, crying out for the White House to be burned down, preferably with Trump. Others are making plays about killing Trump, stars posing with a decapitated head of Trump, then cry like they are a victim when people get outraged over this.

How much is it going to take for these protesters to attack people in authority to attacking people for daring to not agree with them? Wait, that is already happening.

We are now at a tipping point; the question is, how long with the average citizen continue to put up with this before they react? And what will happen if groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter start pushing their protests into the outlying communities will not tolerate them in their neighborhood, they will come out armed like the couple in St. Louis did, only this time they may come out shooting.

People seem to think we are not yet in a civil war. Still, the left thinks we are; they feel if they continue to riot, attack, harass, people will give in to their demands if we don’t they promise they will respond in a way meant to punish this nation, to rip it apart, and leave a smoking ruin in their wake.

Pretending something isn’t so, does not make this a reality, we need to start to look at this as a civil war, find out who the leaders are, and deal with them. The alternative is to do nothing and watch our nation rip itself apart.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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