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CNN Double Standards With Coronavirus, Attacking GOP Governors while Giving Pass To Liberals

CNN Double Standards With Coronavirus, Attacking GOP Governors while Giving Pass To Liberals

Many are today looking at the state of our economy and our health crises. They are so caught up in this they fail to see other disasters that are growing to epic levels – Media and political double standards are destroying this nation from within.

While we are battling what Trump calls the invisible enemy, I am starting to be far more concerned with the enemy we can see, the ones right in front of us. Make no mistake about this (I will not mince my words), the press and the Democrats are not patriots, they are not friends of America, they are enemies to everything we hold dear in this nation.

I am not in a giant sweep, including all Democrats; there are very good Democrats that are very patriotic, sadly these people have lost their voice; they are no longer even visible within the party.

The founding fathers knew that there was a need for a press that was in an adversary stance towards the administration that was in power, what they never counted on was a press that was so openly biased towards one side of the political spectrum they would be willing to hide the truth, cover for the sins of one political party while screaming in outrage if they saw something less from the opposition.

The critical role of a free press is being jettisoned to achieve leftist political outcomes. When a free media debases itself in this way, the public loses confidence in the press and devolves to cynicism. This is hurting health policy and the body politic.

One of the problems with the press is the demand that one side gets everything 100% right, then in the next breath, make excuses why members of the party they are supporting are making costly mistakes.

The The news problem has been applying different standards and coming to different political conclusions when looking at the same data. Our national crisis is not the time for petty partisanship, especially from our press.

Two States – Same Problems, Excuses For One, Attacks On The Other

As reported in the Federalist:

Compare CNN’s COVID-19 coverage in California to Florida and you’ll see the problem. Here, on April 10, is Editor-at-Large and political reporter Chris Cillizza on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “Unfortunately for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the fight against coronavirus has exposed the fact that he may simply not be up to this moment in history.”

The basis for “the fact” the governor is not up to his job? DeSantis’s statement, “I don’t think nationwide there’s been a single fatality under 25. For whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to threaten, you know, kids.”

Cillizza pounced. He cited the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showing five people younger than 25 years old have died from COVID-19. Three were under 15. With 330,000,000 people in the United States, that means a full 0.000002 percent of the country had died of COVID-19 while under 25.

Cillizza neglects the larger point, which DeSantis correctly made: the virus has a much greater effect on older people. The CDC’s Provisional Death Count  on April 23 showed 23,358 had died, and only three younger than 15: 99.99 percent were not the kids DeSantis spoke of.

When we are nick-picking the numbers that are .0002% to try to prove someone wrong, this is not reporting, this is sensationalizing obscure facts to try to go on an attack.

If we look at similar numbers, such as deaths by bird attacks, we may have numbers in the range. We don’t pounce on someone that says your chance of dying from a bird attack is about as good as your chance of getting struck by a meteor.

What is more, Cillizza is demanding 100% accuracy, does this then extend to Mayor De Blasio and people from the left that told their people not to worry, go out and mingle when the virus was in its early stages. There was a chance after all that such an outbreak could have happened, or is Cillizza a hack that is just in full meltdown over the fact that DeSantis is a Republican?

Cillizza concludes his “news” story: “Moments like this one are clarifying. When a fearful and anxious public turns to its government for guidance and leadership, there’s nowhere for people like the governor of a state to hide from the massive responsibility.”

It seems that the public did turn to the government before the mass increase in cases, I seem to recall of both the press and government of liberal states along with progressive leaders in the Federal government were telling us cutting off travel to the US from China was xenophobic. To Cillizza, I must ask, “Were they 100% correct and relying on facts when they said this?”

Now let’s look at California

Consider this praise article a day earlier, lauding California and its governor, Gavin Newsom. Newsom was first to order statewide restrictions; he ordered millions of masks; he over-acquired ventilators; California leaders took it seriously, and tens of thousands of lives were saved.

The article does not explore why, just a few days before the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s projected “peak resource” day, Newsom would send ventilators out of the state. It doesn’t remind us that, on March 18, the governor wrote President Trump that 25.5 million Californians could be infected, with some 5 million being hospitalized.

The governor was trying to increase California’s 20,000-plus hospital beds to 100,000 beds. But by March 20, the governor’s head of Health and Human Services confirmed the governor’s numbers were off, based on bad modeling. On April 23, the IHME predicted a total need of only 2,503 beds, with only 33,261 cases statewide.

One hundred thousand beds to an actual need of 2,503 shows a 2.5 percent accuracy—”bad modeling” indeed. Total cases in California to date: 33,261. Only 25,466,739 more to hit Newsom’s number. After California’s own “peak,” we see Newsom was 0.1 percent correct, 99.9 percent incorrect. No word from CNN on these numbers.

One has to wonder, where was the outrage there? What we see is the data had changed, just as it is still doing, this is simply the way of life. To demand 100% accuracy from the Republicans, yet not from the Democrats shows that political bias is not even bothered to try to be disguised, they are openly demanding from one what they will not from their own.

Further Comparison Between California and Florida

Here are a few more considerations for the Florida-California comparison.

  • California’s population is 39.5 million, Florida’s is 21.5 million.
  • The average age in each state is: California, 36, Florida, 42—Floridians an average of six years older.
  • As of April 23, California had 33,261 one cases and 1,268 COVID-19 deaths;
  • Florida had 27,869 cases and 867 deaths. Meaning, 0.08 percent and 0.1 percent of those states’ populations were infected.
  • California’s death-per-infected rate: 3.8 percent, Florida’s: 3.1 percent, with an equally small percentage of each state’s population having died, less than 0.005 percent.
  • California’s 39.5 million people are spread out over 163,696 square miles, Florida’s 21.5 million are over 65,755 square miles—thus, California has 241.3 people per mile, Florida has 327.
  • California’s restrictions started on March 19, Florida’s two weeks later on April 3. California’s peak resource date was April 13, Florida’s was earlier, on April 12. According to IHME forecasts, both states had substantially more hospital and ICU beds than needed.

We can also look to New York, see how they first underestimated the strength of the outbreak, then way over predicted, yet there was never a word from CNN concerning this.

CNN, like their counterparts in the MSNBC, New York Times, ABC, CBS, such failures from a Republican is beyond reproach. They howl they should be gone, then zip their lips and the computer and refuse to say a word when the Democrats make mistakes. They have gone further, with the aid of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other platforms to silence what they as dissent against prevailing belief, then when later find this to be the truth say nothing.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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