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Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez: Clueless Poster Child For The Left

Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez: Clueless Poster Child For The Left

I watched the defeat in the primaries of the Democratic icon, Joseph Crowley, in a defeat that sent ripples through the DNC over the shocking defeat by socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but like many, I knew little of her other then she was a socialist who was a huge fan of Bernie Sanders. But as time has gone on, we started to see what and whom she was, unlike Sanders who seems prepared for questions asked of him, even if I don’t agree with much of what he says, this woman is turning out to be a train wreck, but she may win the election in the far left area she is running in. So who is she?

As we said she is a avid follower of Sanders, seems many of her positions are taken out of Sanders play book. She is 28 years old, grew up when she was younger in the Bronx, then moved to a nicer area then what she claims, her being raised in Bronx was for a short period in her life, most of the time she was raised in a upscale area of New York, but that is not what she implied in her statements. She is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

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So what is the Democratic Socialists of America and what do they stand for? Here are the main points from their own web site:

  1. Abolish ICE.
  2. They are very much pro-Palestinian, thus Ocasio-Cortez, who like the whole group are terrible ill-informed on the whole subject, it is more about whom they see as oppressed then looking at facts.
  3. Believe that Abortion should have no restrictions
  4. They want minimum wage raised to what will spread the wealth, yet offer no solution on how they will force employers to pay their profits away.
  5. Demand that all college education be free, all student loan debt be forgiven.
  6. They say Education is a human right, thus all should have a right to free education, including illegal migrants as well.
  7. Healthcare is also a right, they demand that this be put on a national level, insurance done away with, universal healthcare for all.
  8. HR 1579 “Robin Hood” Tax on Financial Trading, they wish to force the rich to be taxed on all trading in the stock exchange, thus taking from the rich to feed the poor. Interestingly this bill was presented by Rep. Ellison, gives us a idea of where the DNC is headed.
  9. Climate Change, they feel that all should be based around their fears of climate change, thus all laws enacted need to take this into account.
  10. Would prefer to see the national defense fund drastically cut to make way for social programs. They say rather then set up military programs to allow people to move out of low income area’s, we need to put in place spending redirected from the Military to these area’s.

As you can see from the DSA, what they want to do is weaken our military, put our debt to higher levels, give things away, rob the rich while doing so. Seems this same policy has been tried for the last hundred years with Russia, China, Cuba, most of Eastern Europe, yet there has never been one success of this system, thus socialist nations that insist on staying on this path have put out a hybrid socialist/capitalist government, that has worked in places like China, but human rights abuses are still extremely terrible.

Other places like Russia, where the socialist movement started by the Bolsheviks, they have outright rejected this principle, after living in it for years both the people and the leadership now the principles are not viable for long term health of a nation.

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Seems what we now have are the far left, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, now much of the DNC leadership, along with activist like Cornel West, who think they can correct all the problems that led to the downfall of a socialist entity, but that matters little to them, such silly concepts as making this viable mean less then taking care of what they see as victimization.

In the end I actually think this trend by the DNC will doom it, as it moves more and more to the far left, they are leaving behind the vast majority of Americans, whom are either center left or Center right, they will find in this upcoming elections that by trying to push further left, people will say nothing, who wishes to listen to pompous scolding, just do your voting at the polls.

I don’t think the  2016 election was a fluke, only in the eyes of the left it was. The press, who are very much part of this far left moving trend refused to see the signs, continued to take highly biased polls, to scold anyone who did not agree with their ideology as unworthy, or in Clinton’s term’s, deplorable’s, and this continues to this day.

The same trend will continue this fall, the left is going to lose, and when they do, you will see panic as some blue area’s start to switch, not due to a appeal of what the GOP is pushing, more because they can’t stomach how far left the DNC has turned, I expect to see a rise in independents as these people will not vote for the DNC in their current state, but will not vote for the GOP either.

One can hope they continue on this trend, if they do, expect to see the DNC split, you still have many traditionalist that still hold to the old goals and ideology of what the democrats used to stand for, but this is no longer your grandfathers DNC, this is more a far left socialist party now. As this split within their own party continues, you will find sooner or later the differences will be to great to stomach. In the meantime we will be stuck with the likes of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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