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Does Forcing Asylum Seekers To Stay In Mexico Violate US Law?

Does Forcing Asylum Seekers To Stay In Mexico Violate US Law?

The newest challenge (we are getting used to this by now), the lawyers are suiting up to challenge the constitutionality of Trump working something out with Mexico over keeping people in Mexico while they wait for the asylum hearing.

We all know how this is going to work out, it is like a play, you just have to pick up the script, you can follow it word for word. The attorneys will bring this before a liberal judge, the judge will then put a hold on this order, this order will be challenged, since they want this to go through more liberal courts, the filings will all happen in California so they can go through the 9th circuit court, they will uphold the rulings by the lower court, this will then be overturned by the Supreme Court. Then they will start all over again from a new angle. Meanwhile, the trust in our legal system is eroded even more.

We are being told that we need to take pity on these poor people, women, and children that traveled thousands of miles, now are being forced to stay out of the US until their case is heard. The hardships they have endured is enough to give a reason for them to be granted amnesty, but that is not what asylum is set up for.

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Naturally, what we are being told and what is the truth are two different things. There are very little women and children, over 80% of the caravan are able-bodied young males, the same males who last week tried to rush our checkpoint because they felt they were entitled to be allowed to enter. The desire to achieve a better life is not what asylum was set up for, trying to come under such reasons will for the most part guarantee you being rejected.

We need to start pushing to hold these judges accountable, the left knows by now they lost the control they held over the Supreme Court, with talk of cancer again with Ghinsberg and her possibly retiring in January, the frenzy that will come around that case will make the Kavanaugh hearings seem calm. What is good is the Senate picked up seats for the GOP, so our dependence on obstructionist within the GOP will be lower then it was in the last hearing, and Flake is gone, must say good riddance to him as well, he will not be missed.

As long as the people in the caravan are allowed to have their day in court, there is no way their rights to a fair hearing are violated in any way, the call to challenge this on constitutional grounds is just another tactic by the left to undermine this presidency.

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