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Free Lance Contributor Fires Off Tweets Praising Hitler And His Genocide Of Jews. This Is Too Much Even For CNN.

Free Lance Contributor Fires Off Tweets Praising Hitler And His Genocide Of Jews. This Is Too Much Even For CNN.

Adeel Raja, a Pakistani journalist and producer based in Islamabad, sparked outrage on social media after tweeting Sunday afternoon from his verified Twitter account with 80,000 followers that “the world today needs a Hitler.”

After putting up and praising Ilhan, Rashida, and AOC’s rabid antisemitism, for some reason, CNN now is having a problem with some people within the Muslim faith showing their true intent. One has to wonder, did they ever even bother with some basic background checks? Tweets like these are not something a person does after having a blow-up and posts once.


CNN Condemns 'Abhorrent' Pro-Hitler Tweets From Freelance Contributor

What is more, this person’s influence, with over 80,000 followers, and as we have seen, retweets and quote tweets, has been well received with Pakistan. I must ask, “Why are we even still giving them any money? Pull our troops out of there, put them in India; at least India is a democratic nation without the demands of radical Islamists that we see from Pakistan. This is the same nation that hid Bin Laden, with friends like them, who needs enemies.

Raja had previously voiced his displeasure with Israel’s actions in the ongoing conflict with Hamas, referring to them as “terrorists” in a May 13 tweet as thousands of rockets were being fired into the Jewish state from Gaza.

It turns out Adeel has missed out on the numbers. Over 97% of all terrorist attacks worldwide have one common denominator, and it is not the US nor Israel; these are done in the name of Islam. Before some of you get offended, I will not say all Muslims think and act like this, but enough do that it is causing problems worldwide, yet Adeel refuses to address this.

Social media users soon after dug up a series of old tweets from Raja praising the Nazi leader.

“The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals – Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!” Raja wrote on the day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in which Germany defeated Argentina.

“Hail Hitler,” Raja tweeted the next day.

CNN Condemns 'Abhorrent' Pro-Hitler Tweets From Freelance Contributor
CNN Condemns 'Abhorrent' Pro-Hitler Tweets From Freelance Contributor

What was quickly found out was this same person Adeel Raja worked for CNN had done so for years. He lists himself on his LinkedIn page as a “Freelance Contributor” since 2013.

The CNN website showed Raja had dozens of articles under his byline since 2014 that mostly focused on local news stories in Pakistan, the last of which was written on September 20, 2020.


CNN Head of Strategic Communications Matt Dornic condemned Raja’s tweets in a statement to the Daily Caller. It said that he would not be working with the company “again in any capacity.” 

While I applaud CNN’s decision to terminate all dealings with Raja, it sure never had an issue with him until these tweets were discovered, and we wonder why people say CNN and the DNC have problems with antisemitism, there is a good reason, look at whom they are working for them.

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