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HART: Trump Isn’t Running Against Biden — He’s Running Against the Media

HART: Trump Isn’t Running Against Biden — He’s Running Against the Media

By Ron Hart

Since before Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Democrats have used all their Deep State dirty tricks to hurt him and his family. From the FISA court lies used to spy on his campaign, to the fake DNC-bought Steele dossier, to impeaching him for calling the Ukrainian president, Democrats have used every dirty trick in their bag to kill Trump. He gets COVID-19, and many are actively rooting for his death. But he emerges in three days and is perfectly fine. Happy Easter!

Beating the virus was like a WWF victory for Trump.  He then appeared triumphant on the balcony of the White House and demanded a match with syphilis.

What was so hypocritical about the sham impeachment of Trump was that it was the Bidens who have been doing shady deals in Ukraine. Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels said it best, and the Democrats practice it: “Accuse the other side of things of which you are guilty.” Dems impeached Trump just for asking the Ukrainians about the Biden family shakedown of their country for money. Dems also got a special prosecutor to go after Trump for colluding with Russia in the 2016 election, when in fact it was Hillary and the DNC who did that.

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Dem operatives accused Trump of philandering, when it seems Biden did. The ex-husband of Jill Biden claimed in an “Inside Edition” interview that Joe and Jill did not meet on a blind date in 1975 as they tell everyone. In fact, Bill Stevenson says his wife and Biden started seeing each other in 1972 while they were still married. In short, when you are a Democrat and lie or create a false narrative, no one in the media calls you out on it. So why not keep doing it?

The media do not report the news objectively. They create narratives they then seek to validate. They really hate Republicans, especially Trump. Anyone who hurts their target is considered heroic; think Christine Blasey Ford lying about Kavanaugh. Even the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head for a couple of minutes during the vice presidential debate signed on to host an MSNBC show. But to be fair to the fly, he was the only one to respect the moderator’s two-minute time limit.

CNN yanked legal animus Jeffrey Toobin off the air. They were doing a Zoom call practicing their Election Night pundit coverage when he pulled out his little Toobin and pleasured himself. But to be fair, they were practicing reporting on Trump’s landslide loss; what CNN reporter would not be aroused?

With all the showmanship in the election and “Hiden Joe Biden,” it is too bad we have not been able to vet their differences in policies. Trump has the winning hand there, but it is lost in all the hyperbole and the filter of the media. Biden and Harris know that the more you know about them, the less you will like. So they stay pretty much out of sight and let Trump shoot himself in the foot.

Do yourself a favor. Compare the policies of Trump to the policies of a Harris/Biden ticket. In a blind taste test, it would not be close. Remember, we are not electing a class president or a Miss Congeniality. We are electing a set of governing principles that will dictate what this country will become.

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Now WHO, the corrupt world health cabal, says lockdowns are a bad idea. As I have said all year, the economic and emotional toll of a lockdown based on scant and ever-changing facts makes little sense for a virus that maybe killed 200,000 Americans in a country of 320,000,000. That is .000625 percent of us, and the number is diminishing. Dems want to lock down the economy until no old, sick people die anymore.

The softball town hall that Biden had with Clinton sycophant George Stephanopoulos compared to the mean-spirited debate Trump had with Savannah Guthrie tells you all you need to know about the contempt and one-sided nature of the media in this election. George did not even ask Biden about his son Hunter’s corrupt dealings with foreign governments or his laptop; in fact, the hookers, corruption, crack and graft of Hunter Biden never came up. This Biden Crime Family scandal has given Donald Trump something he has never had in politics: the moral high ground.

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