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Kavanaugh Is Not About #MeToo, It All About Control Of The High Court

Kavanaugh Is Not About #MeToo, It All About Control Of The High Court

We have seen for the last month the drama of Kavanaugh unfold, the creative stories that have come out, the moves by the left not to seek justice, rather their willingness to destroy lives to achieve what they want. The greatest threat to the left is the loss of control of the Supreme Court, with it they have been enabled to achieve what they couldn’t by vote, if it turns more towards a strict constitutionalist court, they will lose their ability to push forth laws that are outside the letter of the law.

We have heard from Democratic leaders that this is about empowering women against the likes of Kavanaugh, this case could not be further from the truth, instead, you have a case that is making a mockery of this. We have a woman, and I am not doubting that something happened to her, I simply don’t know, but when you say you can’t remember the day, the year, the place, but you know that somehow someone did this to you, the person you give as a witness has come out and publically stated that it never happened, and you have over 60 women from the school that were Kavanaugh’s classmates come out and say that this was far outside the person he was, you start to have serious doubts.

What we are doing is making unsubstantiated claims, ones that can by no means be proven, be a bases for the left to stop any nomination that Trump places forth, the fact that these type of things are wrecking the person’s life, they could care less about it. You see this glaringly with Stormy Daniels, they used her, gave her 5 minutes of fame, now they have forgotten about her, tossed her in the very large trash heap they have of people they have exploited and then tossed aside to achieve what they wished.

It is truly sad, but this is what the left has turned to, the law does not matter to them, we all know that if there was such a case brought before any court of law, 35 years later, they would have thrown it out. they would have for sure if they told the court that they had no recollection of when, where, or even the year this happened, but they want charges pressed on this very limited memory. Yet we are supposed to take such faulty memory as a means of destroying someone’s life. We are expected to toss Kavanaugh aside for nothing more than a claim that can never be proven.

The danger of this is not only the mud you threw at a very respected man, but the fact that you have in the same process belittled and made light of the seriousness of the #Metoo movement as well. If we are going to allow such things to go forward, soon no one is going to care or listen to such accusations again, thus setting the whole thing back, not moving it forward. I wrote about this about a half a year ago, sadly it looks like my worst fears are coming to fruition.

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Make no mistake, this is not about the rights of this woman, this is nothing more than a move by the Democrats in what they see as a threat to an institution they hold most dear, abortion. They know that Kavanaugh would not answer if he would uphold such Democratic foundation, thus any means is justified to remove him. I promise, if he was a liberal, supported every institution the Left holds dear, they would have pushed him through without a peep, but add in Trump to the equation, they are willing to do whatever is needed to stop this.

We are at a crossroad, we need to demand this nonsense stops, it is time to demand a vote, the fact that this is all the left can throw at this shows their desperation to stop this. Trump has handled this fine, as he has said, “Let the process go forward.” But I have to ask, when will this stop? Will every unfounded accusation be terms for the left to pull this again against the next nomination? This is what tyranny looks like, not the nonsense they are saying is tyranny, it is time to stand up to this and put a stop to it.

Once more I emphasize the difference between the two views of governing, we need to motivate everyone who voted for Trump to get out and do so again, if not, we are going to be looking at the next two years of nothing getting done other than the left trying to stop Trump and impeach him at all cost.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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