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Mainstream Media Refuses To Report On News

Mainstream Media Refuses To Report On News

We have witnessed since the elections of 2016 a leftist leaning media lose all comprehension of what real news is about, they ignore world events, or give passing mention then focus all their attention on such trivial stories as Stormy Daniels or the now fake story of Russian Collusion. All integrity is gone if you dare to question the media turns on you acting like you are in the wrong for daring to question their ethics, they are so fixated on their quest to bring down the current president and his administration everything, and I mean everything, takes a back seat to this.

If we had the same type of results come from Obama the media would have been all over themselves, filling the airwaves up with hours praising the president for the great job he is doing with the economy, they did this after all when our unemployment was over 10% (the first thing Obama did upon taking office had the habitually unemployed not be reported on, thus picking up his unemployment figures by over 8%, something Bush never did), economic growth never rose to 3%, our growth under Trump after recovering from 1.5% when Trump took office to now 2.9% and rising, our consumer confidence is raising up to record numbers, the stock market has set record after record, finished up Friday at 24,831, when Trump took office the stock market started setting records with its upwards trajectory, going from 19,700 to over 26,000 before it corrected itself, but unlike other corrections in the past it quickly bound back up, should cross 25,000 by next week.

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While the stock market did climb while Obama was in office, it had fallen so badly when Bush was in office, first recovering from the Clinton Tech Bubble bursting, then the Iran war it was on very shaky ground, the only direction it could go was up. Bone needs to see what the stock market was doing after the election in 2016, from the day Trump took office it started its upwards slide, people knew the Obama administration was soon going to be over. The day of the elections the Stock market was a little over 18.000, by the time Trump took office it had jumped almost 1,800 points, then after he took the oath it had a hickup the day he took the oath, then rose to over 26,000 before going through a correction, now is barely off of the 25,000 mark. Funny, I recall all the news saying that Trump would bring us to a stock market crash, the worst recession since the great one, seems just the opposite is happening.

And there is so much more; our unemployment numbers are at record lows, not bad for a president that was supposed to see our economy spiral out of control, not only did Trump prove these doubters wrong, he has crushed any claims they have put forth. Our unemployment today is at 3.9%, unemployment rates for African Americans and Hispanics are at record lows, yet go to MSNBC, CNN, you can’t find one reference to this, and if one of the news sites do comment on this, they only say that this is due to Obama, will claim that Trump has nothing to do with it. The outright dishonesty of the left-leaning media is rather shocking.

The media is so bad now they have fits when someone dares to say that Trump should get a Nobel Peace Prize if he can bring North Korea to the table and work out a deal with them to give up their nukes, say he really did not do much, and his threats brought us to the brink of nuclear war, refusing to give credit that this tough talk and sanctions Trump pushed through is what brought North Korea to the table. But if you look at these same people, they stood in line to congratulate Obama for receiving the Peace Prize when he had not done a thing. What was more interesting was years later when one of the prize committee members said giving Obama the peace prize was a mistake, the left jumped all over this. The committee member was Geir Lundestad, said they gave the prize not based on merit:

“In hindsight, we could say that the argument of giving Obama a helping hand was only partially correct,” he wrote, according to VG, a Norwegian newspaper.

Naturally, this was swiftly condemned by the site Snopes, they said he never said he said that Obama should hand the prize back, but I don’t think they work that way, he said it was a mistake, rather than admit to this Snopes showed their bias by picking apart what he did not say.

We have seen the news is no longer the news, at least with the mainstream press, sites like CNN don’t even bother to try to report in a neutral manner, MSNBC openly show their disdain for all people on the right, and ABC, CBS with their corrupt culture try to lecture America from a morally superior place, yet refuse to address the pile of manure they are sitting on. The leftist media is so corrupt they have lost all sight of what their duty is.

While this is going on the media continues to attack Americans because we have lost all faith in them, yet they turn around and inform us that it is their job to dictate to us what to believe and not believe, this is why the press has such a problem with Trump’s twitter account, they can’t stand that he has a way of circumventing their control of the narrative. Reporters are there to give us the news, let us decide what is right or wrong, if a reporter, like the one from CNN, Jim Acosta, thinks his job is to point out lies, he is not doing his job, he is nothing but an opinion commentator posing as a reporter. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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