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Merry Christmas From 0censor!

Merry Christmas From 0censor!

From all of us at 0censor on this Christmas day, we want to thank you for the great year you have given us. We want to thank President Trump for once again taking PC out of the holiday, for those of us that love saying, “Merry Christmas!”  We can do so with glee, and for you that are offended by this, well we only have one thing to say, “BAH HUMBUG!”

So, what other gifts are we thankful for?

As a Hebrew I am so thankful that finally we have a president willing to take on the world, not let some violent protest stop him from doing what is right, and say what is already a known fact,  that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. We will shortly be moving our embassy there!

We are thankful that in spite of world protest, we have a strong president and ambassador to the UN, who were willing to tell them we are taking names and will remember those who voted to try to tell us we could not move our embassy, we will remember this when they ask for more aid.

We are thankful that we have a leader who is willing to stand up to the bully threatening us with nuclear weapons, to tell him enough, either you shape up and act like a world player or we will do something about it.

We are also thankful for Congress finally getting off their butts and doing something, finally they are opening a probe into the shameful nuclear deal with Russia, the ones that the Clinton’s made hundreds of millions in donations to their charity, then magically when the election was done, it has for the most part dried up.

I was happy to see the DNC sin’s being exposed for the world to see, the exposure laid bare for all to see concerning their corruption. Loved that some of their leaders, the ones that they ignored their failings, their ties to radical Islamist terrorist groups, who said she wanted to have Sharia brought to America is finally being exposed for the evil supporter of terrorism, one that could care less about women and their rights, only gives lip service to this.

We were also saddened by the loss of so many hero’s, the way the left played their deaths for political attacks. In the end Trump overcame that and the story has died out.

There were the attacks we saw, one in Vegas the other in Texas, once more the predictable outrage from the left, trying to use deaths for political gains, acting like it was the fault of guns, rather than the people.

But most of all, we are thankful for you; we know that without your support 0censor would do nothing. We started this business to give the news without any liberal censorship, to allow liberal writers to be able to share their thoughts as well, to this point none seem to be willing to take up the offer, they have all said if someone can respond to their articles they want no part of it.

We acknowledge that you have helped us grow beyond expectations, we look forward to sharing with you and others as we grow!

And last, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hope others of you had a wonderful Hanukkah, and others a very happy Kwanzaa. We as American’s come from a wonderful tapestry of backgrounds, our uniqueness adds to the beauty of this nation, we are all stitched together into a great work by democracy, a thing of beauty is the result. We have been a light to the nations, we had in the past leaders that wanted to hide that light, I say it is wonderful to see it shine again!

So to all, we thank you, wish you all a happy holidays and hope that you like us look forward to the great things that are going to come next year.

To you that are looking to give this Holiday Season, we ask that you look to us. Our stance in supporting conservatism, refusing to cave into Islamic pressure, daring to share what is true, even if it is not politically correct has brought us under tens of thousands of attacks. We have lost three computers due to hacking, they shut down the computers by changed bios, this either shuts down or destroyed the computers, have erased hard drives, and tried to use access denial tactics to shut down our service. We have had threats directed at us, not that this would ever stop us, the truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. If you believe as we do, and wish to have continue to have a voice that is willing to do this, we ask that you remember us this holiday season. 

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About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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