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People Are Starting To Protest Despotic Democrat Leaders In Mass

People Are Starting To Protest Despotic Democrat Leaders In Mass

Today hundreds of demonstrators showed up in cities around America, a sign that Americans are starting to tire of these draconian policies of state governors forcing people to lock themselves up in their homes.

In Concord, Annapolis, Austin, and other cities, states that are led by liberal governors, people showed up in the streets, at capitals to protest what they see as a stripping of constitutional rights, something no one, outside of the president has a legal right to do. Then that has to have an ending and be justified.

People are starting to rapidly tire of being told when other places are not putting in place these all-encompassing rules, where they are told they can’t even garden outside, show for home goods, and can’t attend a church service in their car, even with their windows closed.

When the police show up and inform citizens, they have stripped their civil rights at the whim of a governor. People are starting to find this unacceptable and rightfully.

Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death

Americans have grown up with stories of our forefathers choosing death over giving up liberty, we have been told since youth that this is a right, a G-d given right to all Americans, that we will live free, it is in the DNA of every American. Well, maybe not, the progressive left has shown us that they will happily give up their constitutional rights for security, precisely what Washington and Franklin warned us against.

We, as a people are content with being told for a short time that social distancing is needed to control the spread of this virus. Still, now telling us we can’t visit with neighbors, we are even to practice social distancing with our own families, we can’t go in our front lawn and speak with our neighbors, this is a step too far for the ones that love freedom, we are now seeing the first cracks in the control the democrats are trying to force on us.

‘Free country’

I have found I go into the grocery store, people are keeping safe distances, but have had people who know who I am, when they recognize me corner me, concerned over when this will be lifted.

We have seen over the years that when the government is given the right to strip power away from us, even when in the name of safety if their feet are not held over the fire, they will not return it, this has a whole lot of people starting to turn from fear to panic, what is worrisome, rage follows panic.

Even Trump himself has voiced his concerns over this, in tweets he spoke of a need to “liberate” our nation from this tyrannical control we now see happening, something that set off the liberals in Hollywood into a melt-down.

Trump has repeatedly called for the earliest possible return to normality as virus-related closings have had a crushing impact on American workers and businesses.

But public health officials warn that too quick an easing of restrictions could allow a disastrous resurgence of the virus.

The most massive protest against stay-at-home rules so far took place Wednesday in the Michigan capital of Lansing, where some 3,000 people demonstrated against confinement orders from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

What I am finding interesting with people I am running into on the streets, comments on articles I have written, and messages sent to me on Twitter and Facebook, and 0censor Community, they are saying this needs to stop and do so quickly, or they will start rising in peaceful protest, go back to work if the governor likes it or not.

They do agree that some need to stay home and be protected, people that know me know that my spouse has been in palliative care for years, is now in-home hospice, I understand the need to protect your loved ones from getting this virus, but we need to balance this with others who do have a right to go and start earning a living and once more having a taste of freedom.

Because my wife is in the shape she is in, I have no right to dictate to others how they should behave, I know if I go out I wear a surgical mask, I have hand sanitize I am sure to use, but in the end, life will do as it will, I can only do so much, other then put her in a plastic bubble, something she would never tolerate.

If there are people that need to be kept in a safe environment, take care of them, the rest, get on with your life.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. Wayne Hester

    I hope I do not lose any friends over this but I am not in support of the freedom push to end quarantine. Yes I want to be free like anyone else, but most of all I want to be alive. I gave up my freedom voluntarily to both end the outbreak and to I hope prevent the end of my life to this scourge. I hope wholeheartedly that people who bust out do not get the virus and I also hope the virus outbreak does not regenerate. We are in dire need of a vaccine and improved treatment methods which are a work in progress. Still we need to get the country working again to prevent shortages of much needed food, supplies and manufactured goods. To go out to work is one thing, but to go out to play is dangerous. Wayne L. Hester.


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