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Report: Pennsylvania Ballots Allegedly Found in Trash, Election Official Confronted

Report: Pennsylvania Ballots Allegedly Found in Trash, Election Official Confronted

This is getting absurd. Reportedly, supposedly, allegedly absurd. Yet, still absurd. There is a lot of stories likes this coming out of Pennsylvania as of late. Here we have a Bucks County ballot counter allegedly ripping up and throwing out ballots, the director of the Board of Elections being confronted on it, and a journalist basically being told ‘Whoopsie.’

“These ballots can’t be part of a recount, because they were tossed out with the garbage. Not only were they tossed out, but someone also ripped up the ballots by hand.”

Tom Freitag, the director of the Bucks County Board of Elections confirmed to a Project Veritas journalist that the spoiled ballots should not have been tossed.

“The poll worker should not have thrown it in the garbage.”

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As a general rule, you don’t associate malice when there is incompetence. The people who work at the board of elections aren’t exactly our best and brightest, is what I’m saying. A lot of them are also political patronage hires. A probable scenario is that a committeeman’s cousin inappropriately discarded of ballots. Fine. I’ll be charitable and say mistakes happen. However the response from the director of the Board of Elections should not be “mistakes happen.” There should be an investigation into what happened, why it happened, and some kind of confirmation if it was just incompetence, or if federal agents need to get involved.

Do I personally think there was massive voter fraud that swung the race to Joe Biden? Doubtful. But all of these stories, if nothing else, expose the lack of security in how votes are counted in this country. It also exposes the lack of interest in the legacy media to ask some of these questions themselves.

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Article from Louder With Crowder

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