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Riddled with Accusations, Should Judge Moore Step Down?

Riddled with Accusations, Should Judge Moore Step Down?

Used to be long ago that if you were accused of a crime, you still had your day in court to prove your innocence, but not so much today. We heard of the accusations of Leigh Corfman’s accusation against Judge Roy Moore that he had inappropriate relations with her when he was 32 and she 14, and the accusation is terrible, please don’t get me wrong on this, but to take a career that has never had such a accusation in the past, if you had a pattern of this, I would be the first to say there is a problem, and then destroy it by forcing him to step down is silly, we need to have guilt established before any action is taken.

I also have to look at the time frame here, I find it rather peculiar that he has sat on his state’s supreme court twice, sat on various other seats where he has had to campaign, yet in all of this over the years not one word has been said, then as if by magic Washington Post somehow comes up with this story, I have to wonder if there is any truth behind this.

And before you start yelling, when you as a press become a deliverer of fake news time after time, you start to question the validity of the claim, and that is the price of the press showing a outright bias and lying in their reporting. Now you may ask, am I not doing the same? Please look to how I title my work, I am a political commentator, I don’t presume to report on the news in these pieces, and if I did I would don’t believe that any personal opinions should be included, otherwise you cross from reporting to opinion.

You ask where has Washington Post ever shown fake news? Glad you asked, let’s look at them and their history. First, let’s start with their article on September 16  b he writes a article Trump’s ‘fake news’ attack lost its power this week, runs a story he claims is a analysis, then proceeds to attack the credibility of other news sites, and over what? Turns out it is Trumps claim that people like him are putting out fake news. He takes issue with Carlson Tucker, but Tucker has never stated he is a reporter, he openly states he is a opinion writer, something for some reason Callum will not, even though this is all his article is. His whole story is how he is upset, as he states in his own words:

“Given a choice of whom to believe, reliably pro-Trump commentators, such as Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Mike Cernovich chose the media, Charles E. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over the president.”

In other words he finds fault that anyone would dare to trust what the president has stated over what he and the press has, find this rather interesting, but he just earlier came out and said he was a reporter, but he does nothing but write opinion pieces, so I must ask, is he a opinion writer or a reporter, you can’t be both.

Are there other cases where Washington post has done this? Well turns out there are, some rather terrible. But let’s first start with the owner, Jeff Bezos, he not only owns this news publication site, but is the largest shareholder of Amazon as well, turns out while he is in ownership of the post he is also working out $600 million dollar deals with the CIA, that would be a huge conflict of interest, having a news site tied in with a spy agency, this alone gives question to credibility, but there is more.

We can see as the post has had a long history of being controlled by the political party it is sided with. During the Bush years before Bezo owned the site (he purchased the paper in 2013 from the Graham family), they basically ran the story as a mouth piece for Bush. Leading up to the Iraq war they ran  27 editorials supporting George W. Bush‘s ambitions to invade Iraq, these were all written by Bill Moyers, who while a democrat also was the ultimate Washington insider having worked in the Kennedy and Johnson administration. I find one thing interesting, here was a commentator who complained how some of the news was controlled by the GOP,  Yet, today we not only see complete and open bias in the media for liberal ideology, today sites like Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times are not even trying to hide it, they openly brag about supporting the democrats.

And let’s not forget the articles ran from Washington Post November 2016, the Post published a story that relied heavily on a report by PropOrNot, an anonymous internet group that seeks to expose what it calls Russian propoganda. PropOrNot, published a list of websites they called “bona-fide’ useful idiots” of the Russian government. Andrew Cockburn, Washington editor for Harper’s, was sharply critical of Posts decision to put the story on its front page, calling the article a “sorry piece of trash“. What we have seen is the typical moves you see from Silicon Valley’s democrats, truth is not as important as ideology, in running article after article from PropOrNot, without bothering to check the validity of the claims, they showed they are more interested in showing a story then in the actual truth. What is worse, even the sites like  The InterceptFortune, and Rolling Stone, all known to be far left propaganda pieces, they even attacked Washington post, when fake news sites attack you for running fake news, you know you are at the bottom of the barrel.

But let’s get back to Leigh Corfman and her allegations, we hear her say that she was 14 in this incidence, but we have people that were classmates of her siblings say this:

As we dig further we find this:

Suddenly we start to wonder, you have a staunch supporter of the opposition coming out saying this, the woman that made the accusations lied about her age, but is this the only thing she ever lied about? Turns out not, we find out with more digging she has as I stated earlier done this to other church pastors.

One has to ask, with a back history like this, then add to it you find she has been busted for bad checks, had problems with the IRS, was divorced three times, and you start to really question all this.

So yes, I will wait to make a accusation of guilt, many times we hear this type of thing come out, we later find out it was more of a political hack job, the Democrats are trying to gather a seat in the Senate, the truth does not matter to them, and the fact that they have soiled someone’s reputation, which to them is justifiable because he doesn’t share the same moral code as them, that is acceptable in the scheme of things.

I will end this with this, just as I have said with President Trump, I have no problems with investigations, I would love to see one on this, but I want this going both ways, and the findings made public, if we in fact find the case of this not true, then they should not only press charges on Leigh Corfman for lying, but they should also press charges on the Washington post for the same thing. Washington Post knew exactly what they were doing, you have a paper that has sided in opposition to Moore, in fact of all GOP members, so they knew if they ran such a story that this as a rule is one crime you are guilty until proven innocent, but due to the time from, 39 years ago, it sure draws question to the whole claim, the fact that until now nothing was said, why is that?

So in the standards of our law, I will not assign guilt until guilt is proven.



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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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