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Senator Elect Jones Out of Step with Fellow Democrats

Senator Elect Jones Out of Step with Fellow Democrats

Alabama has voted for as long as I can remember a Republican into office, had not the allegations been raised against Judge Moore I can promise he would not have won the seat in the special election last week. But Senator-Elect Jones has changed all that, yet this win comes at a cost, if he has any intent on keeping his seat he needs to show that rather then walk in tune with the left he will have to set his own path or will end up as one of many one-term special elected senators who quickly faded into the pages of history.

So who is Doug Jones? He is not a progressive liberal democrat, he is a supporter of the second amendment, believes in tax relief, although he doesn’t agree with the current GOP tax plan. He does not agree with the new DNC pet project, to try to put pressure on Trump to resign over sexual impropriety accusations that Trump has had against him

This something the Democratic far left is pushing now, they were more than willing to sacrifice a long time face of the Representative John Conyers Jr.’s, and the upcoming rising star Senator Al Franken to set up a push in the future against President Trump as our opinion journalist pointed out this morning in his piece “How Democrats Plan To Take Down Trump“, as was point out by myself in “Sexual Assault: Is This  Really About Empowering Woman?”.

We further find out that Senator-Elect Jones is also not going along with the DNC push to try to force Trump to resign over sexual allegations, in his words, “The people already decided on that”. This would make sense since Trump won the state by almost double the votes that Hillary took if you are in a state that so overwhelmingly voiced their opinion of whom they wanted for COC (Commander-in-Chief), the silliest thing you could do is go against the voice of your own people.

Now, will Senator-Elect Jones vote along the Trump line? We would think not, he is a Democrat after all, but he is beholding to the very people that elected him, this may cause conflict with his colleges in the Senate on the Democratic side, the question will be will he listen to his people or to Senator Schumer? Guess time will tell, but I promise, if he wishes to face any chance in the next election just a couple of years away, he would do himself a favor by doing what his people want rather then what the party does.

What we have to do is help the people of Alabama let him know that they demand this of him, the question remains, will he be strong enough to stand up to the obstructionist leadership in the DNC. We also would be wise rather than stand up in opposition to everything Senator-Elect Jones votes against, rather support him in what both sides hold in common belief. He alone is left with the choice, he can show how a new democrat could act, sadly I have hoped this many times, soon the Progressive far-left gets their talons on these people, soon they are as useless as the rest.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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