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The UN Is Obsolete…It Is Time To Cut Off All US Funding

The UN Is Obsolete…It Is Time To Cut Off All US Funding

The UN started as a beacon of hope, an example of what peaceful countries could do if they came together in a civilized manner, a means of resolving world problems by a peaceful forum. Of course if force was needed, such as in the Korean War, they did have the ability by vote to draw up forces, we see this continue today with UN peacekeeping forces, but one has to ask, what is the US getting in return, and is the UN today what it was intended when it was founded?

The US has time after time warned the UN that if its biased anti-Israeli measures don’t stop we will cut off funding, the problem is they have never followed through. It is time to take tough measures in this cesspool known as the UN, show that if we are expected to cover close 25% of their budget, we aren’t going to continue if they keep going down this path of trying to destroy our ally. We have seen some funds withdrawn, we have heard threats from Obama to Nixon to cut off or withhold funds, and in spite of the fact that the US pays for more than 28% of UN peacekeeping cost, or $2,957,000,000 last year, and then paid another 22% of all other operating costs, in total we  (the US) pay the UN  $8 billion a year, one has to say we are not getting any return on this investment. Not only that, the amount we give is so lopsided, the next closest contributor is China, they give 7.8%, the rest of the nation’s give less than 6%.

I look at these figures and ask, what are we getting for this? We have the UN that has tried to take over US sovereignty of our ships at sea (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)), thankfully Congress has stopped this, they have tried to take over or more accurately tried to force American to abide by Islamic protectionism, something they do for no other faith (even though they claim to do so). And where are the largest numbers of murder and prosecution coming against Christians from? Listening to the UN you would think it is Israel, even though that is the only place in the Middle East with a growing Christian population, instead of condemning Islam for its treatment of religious minorities, they scream and condemn to the top of their lungs Israel in the UN, thus turning attention away from the real problem.

We saw this go to an extreme starting on Thursday of last week, with the anticipated announcement of Trump to move the US embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, the UN responded by passing on that day 5 resolutions, they are as follows:

  1. A/RES/72/11 – Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat, basically only recognizes the Palestinian rights to Jerusalem.
  2. A/RES/72/12 – Declaring Israel’s Actions in Syrian Golan, East Jerusalem ‘Null and Void’
  3. A/RES/72/13 – Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People
  4. A/RES/72/14 – Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine
  5. A/RES/72/15 – Palestinians have the only correct claim to all of Jerusalem

Each of these resolutions were set up to try to weaken Israel’s claim to not only the land but they in the process also stripped 100% away from any Israeli claim to Israel, named the holy sites there as only by their Islamic name, basically said the only the “Palestinian” claim to the city was legitimate.

The good news is that while the UN can pass these all day long, they make the members feel good, to put any teeth in those condemnations they must bring this up to the full assembly, such a move would face a veto from at least the US. So, what you have are just feel good resolutions trying to empower the “Palestinians”, nothing more.

Naturally, the UN did not stop here, in the next they ignored international law, shows the corruptness of this so-called body of peace. The resolution was as follows:

  1. A/RES/72/16 – Israel is called to withdraw from the Golan Heights.

And what does this do, it demands that Israel pull out of the Golan Heights, seems they ignore that to date Syria has never signed a peace treaty with Israel until they do under international law they are not obligated to pull out of any occupied land. Then there is the question of it is occupied in the first place, in the Mandate of Palestine that land was actually to be handed to Israel. The Syrians seized the Golan Heights in ’48 at the same time the Jordanians were illegally occupying and later illegally annexing the West Bank, the Egyptians were doing the same in Gaza.

Of course, after this in a typical move the UN ignores the treatment of Christians and other religious minorities across the Middle East, instead, they pass this resolution:

  • A/RES/72/17 – Effects of terrorist acts directed against religious sites on the culture of peace

And whom was this focused on? Why Muslims of course. I must ask, how many resolutions did they put out condemning Syrian attacks with gas?  One. What about the Islamic attacks against Christians in Syria and Iraq? Zero, although they had the UN Human Rights Commission take its eyes off of Israel long enough to point at them and say shame on you. Wait, they were not part of the supposed “Religion of Peace”, sorry, this is such a travesty one can’t take this seriously any longer.

What is more amazing, the UN has the Human Rights Council that only has one permanent agenda, it has to take up and condemn Israel with each session, they ignore all the human rights abuses around the Middle East, only focus on Israel. Last year Israel’s ambassador Danny Danon said it best, “Over the past decade the UN passed 223 resolutions condemning Israel, while only eight resolutions condemning the Syrian regime as it has massacred its citizens over the past six years. This is absurd.

This is not an act of an organization trying to fix what is wrong with the world, what has become is an organization with a fixation on what they see as a mistake, the creation of Israel. What they erroneously claim they created Israel, they could not be more incorrect, UN Resolution 181 was rejected unanimously by the Arabs, even though it was passed, from the day it was Britain went to work to try to get it rescinded. What they have never stated is an attack by force to try to undo a treaty you lose all legal right to demand it be implemented, the Arabs upon attacking Israel to destroy her at her rebirth lost every legal right to demand this now be put in force.

The UN has lost all credibility, I must ask, why are we giving them a penny of aid, by giving them anything we are supporting their overwhelming bias. We are supporting an organization that ignores the treatment of women by Saudi Arabia, act like it is a great thing when they classify their rights to that of cattle. They ignore the total lack of any historical proof of the Palestinian claim, let alone the fact that in all of history no Arab nation has ever had the city of Jerusalem as their capital, turns out the Jerusalem claim by the Palestinians is not based on facts, more a thing of fiction.  (click on the titles, you will be taken to a site article that exposes these lies).

The whole problem with the UN from its inception is it promised in its founding to follow the Mandates set forth by the League of Nations, then have set about with the help of France and England, now the Arabs to undo what they promised to fulfill. The UN has not been the friend of Israel with the exception of a few moments when the horror of the holocaust was done, as soon as their self-guilt was gone, they set out to see how they could destroy what they saw as a mistake.

The time of the UN is over, it is no longer a shining symbol of peace, it is now just a cesspool of special interests. A place full of nations with agenda’s contrary to what ours is, then demanding we finance their means to try to implement theirs. Further, in allowing the Palestinian Authority, while ignoring every other separatist group that is not a legitimate government, they ignore their own charter. It is time to start pulling back all funding, don’t drop out, we would lose our veto, then start persuading others to follow our path, as the funding dries up the UN will be faced with two options, either go into the trash bin of history as you lose your funding to implement your will or change in a way that is more democratic in nature, and far less anti-Semitic in deeds.







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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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