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Welcome To The Blame Game

Welcome To The Blame Game

In a predictable move, with Americans showing overwhelming rejection of a government shut down for DACA, the Democrats, and their mouthpieces, the liberal news are scrambling to rewrite the narrative. As the Democrats see an overwhelming rejection of this they are fishing frantically for someone other than themselves to blame; the press is aiding as they are trying to change their narrative as they began the blame game.

We heard for the last month that there would be a shut down unless an agreement for DACA was reached, there was nothing from the Democrats over other programs that would have affected American citizens, they let us all know their number one priority was the care for illegal immigrants, not American citizens.

As the shut down loomed we started to see a shift, this was more due to the polling was showing that shutting down the government over DACA was widely rejected by the American public. The Democrats had already painted themselves into a corner, if they budged they worried that Trump would get credit for the move.

With the public not happy over the fact that the government was shut down over DACA, even though the majority of the people polled do wish something done for the people, the left knew they needed a change of narrative, or they take the political hit on this, thus the blame game and new narrative was put out.

Pelosi started the whole charade, first, claiming this had nothing to do with DACA, even though she and everyone else said it did. In fact after the meeting the left thought they were going to roll the president, the left jumped on it gleefully, saying they rolled Trump:

I love it; you had the talking heads like the one above mentions how he was going to show how inexperienced the president was, that they “Rolled the president,” turns out that was not true, Trump turned this quickly, a move that the left then screamed foul over:


Everyone, including the left, knew that any deal would have a demand of the wall to be thrown in, these leaders thought they were going to slide something past the president, the very thing that he and his followers had said was of utmost importance to them. The best part of this, Lawrence O’Donnell tries to frantically spin this to say that this is somehow a mix of message, the president was refusing to honor his word, even funnier, the claim that Pelosi and Schumer would never spread a report that was not true. I have to ask, has this fool been hiding under a rock for the last year? All Schumer and Pelosi have done since Trump won are to spread lie after lie.

We will over the next couple of weeks see the Democrats go deeper into their Blame Game; they will try to spread misinformation to make this seem like some big conspiracy. They already are doing this over CHIP, the insurance for kids caught up without insurance, but that they aren’t saying is this funds for this program is in the bill they just rejected. So expect the blame game from here on out to go into high gear, that is what the left excels at.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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